Au Meme:

Lance and Kelly were stupid in love, and it looked as though nothing could have torn them apart. But of course lust gotten in the way, it blinded Lance into thinking that Kelly couldn’t be the only one, of she’s hurt and she get comfort from and old fling of hers from high school, all of a sudden she falls right back in love again. Lance finds out about her little affair and lets it slide because of his guilt from breaking her heart first, and he didn’t want to look like a hypocrite, weeks turn into months and Lance and Kelly’s attempt to fix the hole in their relationship crumbles, when Trey refuses to let Kelly leave him again, he lost her once and won’t let it happen again, it never crossed her mind that her and Lance would ever get their lives with each other back on track, after all she did have a stronger bond with Tremaine than she ever did with him, with Trey she felt like he was her best friend as well as a lover, she loved Lance too but deep down inside she felt like they wouldn’t last long no matter how hard they tried, for a little bit of time she was happy but that feeling went away quickly, before she even suspected him of cheating. Not once did she feel that for Trey, in fact they separated not even because a fight or cheating but because they were going to different colleges and didn’t want to interfer with each other’s chance at acheaving their dreams, they thought that their little break would only be for a little while but they soon forgot about each other.

One night while Kelly was at Trey’s apartment he had gotten a knock on the door, Kelly was in the walk in hallway closet looking for a towel when all of a sudden she hear gunshots go off, screaming and running towards the noise, she was greeted by Lance hovering over Trey who was shot in the chest twice and in the chin, he looked up at her saying “Don’t forget to save a seat up there for me if I ever make it” then shot her in the head killing her instantly”, he sat down next to the two dead bodies and counted to ten before shooting himself in the head.

Love makes you crazy…who knows how it would change you.